The owners of Freedom Oilfield Services, Inc. have over 60 years combined experience in oilfield servicing. Our employees are trained to practice safety in all situations and work in the most efficient method possible. We would welcome the opportunity to work with your organization.

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Pumping-Hot Oiling

Hot Oilers - servicing Wyoming and the Bakken in North Dakota

  • 7 million BTU/hour
  • Propane fired burners with pilot ignitions
  • TEE Gardner Denver Triplex pump with 3" plungers
  • 6200 PSI working pressure, 3.5 BPM
  • 480 gallon propane capacity
  • Remote fire suppression
  • Heat and pump fluids to treat wells
  • Pressure testing capabilities for tubing, casings, flowlines
  • Well kills
  • Equalize pressure for wireline



High Pressure Pump Trucks - servicing the Bakken in North Dakota

Freedom Oilfield Pump Truck||||
  • Pressure Tested to 15,000 Max
  • 4BBLS/Minute Pump Rate
  • D-Fit Capable (Mini Frac)
  • Pressure Washing Capabilities
  • Computerized
  • Bleed Off Set: 10,000
    Working Pressure
  • 130 BBL Capacity For Water/Methanol

Pump Truck Mechanics||||Pump Truck Machinery|||| 

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