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Winch Truck

Winch Tank

Oilfield Tankers and Other Equipment

Freedom Oilfield Services, Inc. in Reliance, WY and Killdeer, ND offers much more than heating and pumping gear. We also carry a wide range of reliable oilfield hauling equipment, including winch trucks, bed trucks, and oilfield tankers. Our company also provides safety training programs.

Freedom Oilfield Services, Inc. Also Offers

  • 130/150/200 BBL Tankers and a Certified 140-BBL Potable Water Tanker

  • Winch and Bed Trucks

  • Infield Propane Delivery

  • 400-BBL Storage Tank Rental

Courses Offered

Workplace safety is an essential facet of any oilfield hauling operation. We can ensure that your employees are aware of the industry’s best practices through informative training programs facilitated by our Safety Director. Just give us a call for more information or to inquire about our rates. Our courses cover:

  • 10-Hour OSHA Training

  • First Aid/CPR Training

  • PEC H2S Clear Training

  • SafeLandUSA Training

Get in Touch With Us for Hauling Equipment

Are you in need of hauling or storage equipment? Would you like to enroll your employees in our safety training program? Get in touch with us today.

Service Area

We serve the Rocky Mountain region.